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The Halloween Addiction's Haunting How-to website is our way of documenting a decade long obsession of scaring neighborhood kids and making frightful things come to life. We’ve filled this site with our haunting history, videos, floorplans, props and How-to sections. We hope you enjoy the site, and find something that inspires your own haunting activities.

We’ve added some great content for you, be sure to check out our newest annual haunts, and some new projects like our Bulging Door, and we’ve included some new detailed “How-to” PDF downloads with ’Step by Step’ instructions.

Start in Haunt’s Home page, or leave a comment in our HauntBlog.

Notes: The menu can be found on the left and can be opened by hovering over it, but may require you to allow scripts to be run in your browser. In case this menu doesn’t work for you, we’ve included the link above to the “Sitemap” which has all the same links available in html form. Lastly, this site is best viewed with a browser which supports “Flash” as we have created a number of animations to demonstrate how our props work.